Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate – ApkShip

Now is the time to fulfill your mission, Crystal Breaker! Release the world’s heroes from captivity and lead heaven’s revolution in this new strategy RPG.

Discover a mysterious world full of mysteries. Collect unique bosses, special heroes in the raid, and uncover ancient secrets.

Team up with a friend and make your decision!
Welcome to Horizon, a thrilling action-packed world of storytelling! Develop strategies for removing owners and players in PVP with friends. Discover new worlds in a thrilling adventure to uncover the ancient secrets of alien racing!

A thrilling new game mode!
A new mind-blowing new game mode introduces “Victory of the Guild!”. Bind together to control and spread your area. Establish Alliance and Create a Game for the Throne!

Fast, dynamic PVP battles
PVP with players from all over the world who have amazing visual effects in fully animated attacks and breathing fields.

Craft tree
Get the Power! Improve your special abilities and discover new powers. Unlock unique, unique research branches to take your team to the next level, and leverage them on the battlefield!

Heroes alliance!
Assemble the Galaxy’s Strongest Team! Collect hundreds of unique heroes, powerful weapons, and special gear to assemble a storied army.

Find out your decision
What fate awaits you?

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