Merge Dragons!

Find dragon legends, magic, questions, and a secret land of fun and mystery in Dragon! Where you can combine everything into better and more powerful stuff for your trip.

In a mystical world hidden under the clouds, the Valley of the Dragonia flourished. Then the evil Zomlins threw a void into the valley. The only hope of fixing the earth is to find anything in your magical power – dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures.

Match the eggs to avoid helpful dragons, then prepare them to find more powerful dragons! Confront challenging puzzle levels and solve them: Meet Gaia statues to win, then collect rewards to collect and grow at your camp.

Match even more with daily queries and prizes with black. Participate in brand new topics every two weeks with a cool puzzle to complete you – can you even match and submit brand new dragons?

Discover how you nurture your camp when you meet your camp and integrate dragons!

New Village Dragon! Features:

  • Enjoy a more social integration experience with the all-new Danes feature!
  • Add your friends and visit their camps!
  • A better dragon book for checking and easily integrating your eggs
  • Fine art
  • Dragons to play and even new levels and collections

Willy the dragon! Features:

== Match Object ==

  • Discover more than 500 fantastic items to meet and interact with 81 challenges!
  • Drag items around the beautiful world freely and match up to 3 of a kind to make them into more advanced items!
  • Match the essence of life and tap it to unleash the power of healing the valley!
  • Find statues of people trapped in every level of the cursed land. Match them to solve puzzles and create life!

== Submit New Dragon Breeds ==

  • Discover the 37 brand new dragon species living in the valley, and prepare them for the new dragons in 8 stages!
  • Match eggs to avoid helpful dragons that will rotate the canyons and harvesters for your use or match.

== Difficult Puzzles ==

  • Nearly 900 questions to challenge your mind!
  • Test your puzzle-solving skills at over 180 challenging levels filled with quests, new questions and rewards to help you build your Dragon Camp!
  • Fight almost anything – plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallen stars, magical objects, mythical creatures, and more! How many collections can you create from the 1600+ items you already own?
  • Discover hidden levels – Can you find them all?
    In your puzzle journey, you can cross paths with evil zombies. Take care and be careful!

== Camp Building ==

  • The fog has taken over the main camp, with the fog blown away to recover the land and return to the dragon’s house !!
  • Collect the dragon eggs, hatch them in the main camp, and get dragon power to fight the evil fog.

== Be social! ==

  • Add your friends and get them dependent on them by visiting their camps and learning their strategies. Gift Items & Rewards – Sharing is Careful!
  • Unlock the Danes feature to join the Dean, and play with fellow Dragon Dreams! Socialize, chat, share hints and tricks, and work with your Dan – bandmates to fix the earth!

Download now and discover where the dragon merges! I’ll take you!

Merge Dragons! Brought to you by Village Games, the studio behind Top 1010 hit titles, Dead !, Six! Colorful and sophisticated hit mood magic!

Optimized for tablets. It can be played without an Internet connection.

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