World War Doh: Real Time PvP -ApkShip

Build your army and dominate the competition in World War II – a fierce, chaotic, and hilarious new real-time strategy game!

Control your commander so that the challenging PvP card can defeat opponents in combat battles. Your only purpose: to crush someone else’s expectations. Collect and upgrade dozens of unique cards to create the ultimate deck, then take your soldiers to war! Do you have a better one?

With tons of strategies to discover, World War II will challenge you at every turn! Conquer the world, embarrass your enemies, and dominate your commander’s epic army!

A network connection is required. Love for chaos is optional.


  • Clash with players around the world in real-time 1v1 strategy battles!
  • Unlock, collect, and upgrade rare rare cards to create the ultimate card combat deck!
  • Deploy your army, raid the enemy base, and crush everyone and everything in this fight.
  • Change your strategy in real-time to keep your opponents off guard! Release the epic combos and destroy the enemy base!
  • Pick up leader boards by dominating the PvP competition! Get status and become a Legendary Despot!
  • Clash with strong opponents to prove your potential!
  • Let your opponents down with funny, customizable dance moves!
  • Stop enemy raids and get on top of every PvP brawl!
  • Grab the ultimate card, earn epic rewards, and gain global prominence in this fun, fun RTS game!

Additional pass subscriptions:

  • Air chest opens 25% faster!
  • Enter the Tower Loot for 40 Gems (below 60)!
  • VIP chest with a subscription, and the first of every month!
  • One free extra spin on every peg!
  • Extra VIP cards in each container!
  • New units: Pass holders have 2 weeks early access!

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